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In 2001 the Canadian Shorthorn Association introduced a voluntary whole herd registry which allows Canadian Shorthorn breeders the option of listing their herd in the WHR program with a single fee paid for a full range of required services.  Those who wish to do so may make the decision to continue to register and transfer Shorthorn cattle using the traditional system.


The WHR program will simplify the paperwork for you as a breeder.  It will also provide a basis for better financial planning by the Association.  Most important, however, is the fact that the WHR program will provide information required by the Canadian Shorthorn industry - in the form of weights and performance data requested by the commercial meat production industry.


The registry service for the WHR program will be provided by Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.  The performance program service will be provided by the American Shorthorn Association.


Please note that the following outline includes the dates and deadlines which will be a part of the long-term WHR program:


1.  All Shorthorn breeding animals on inventory must be on either the Whole Herd Registry (WHR) or remain in the traditional system, one or the other.  It will not be possible for breeders to have cattle on both programs under the same membership.


Existing members (2000 and before) of the Canadian Shorthorn Association will have an option whether or not to participate in the WHR program but MUST either be "in" or "out" - in other words, it is not possible to register some animals on WHR and some on the traditional system.


New members (2001 and beyond) MUST be "in" - in other words, new members may not register animals on the traditional system.


2.  The implementation date for the Whole Herd Registry Program was January 1, 2001.


3.  All cattle born before January 1, 2001 are subject to the old registration and transfer fee structure.  All cattle born on or after January 1, 2001 from activated females will be registered under the new Whole Herd Registry program.


4.  The single annual WHR enrollment fee will be on a sliding scale. The fee will be $25 + GST for animals enrolled by January 31 of each year, $30 from February 1 to March 31, $35 from April 1 to May 31, $45 from June 1 to August 31 and $65 after that. The payment of this fee makes the animal active for the current year.


5.  The Females activated on the December/January herd inventory mailing will be the actual inventory used for the Whole Herd Registry (WHR) for the annual enrollment fees for the year.  Whole Herd Registry invoices will be payable on receipt with one-half on the enrollment fee - $12.50 + GST due February 1, and the balance due June 1.  Full payment may be made from the initial invoice if the member chooses.  No work will be completed until payment is received in full. Members may add newly purchased into the herd OR females which reach the enrollment age of 16 months during the year for the $25 fee, within 2 months of purchase.


6.  The single annual WHR enrollment fee on each animal of enrollment age (female 16 months, males 30 months on inventory date) makes the animal active for the current year and entitles the breeder to:

 - Listing of all active cows within the WHR herd.

- Registration of each female's calf within 12 months of calving.  Animals registered after 12 months of age are subject to late fees of $10 per registration and animals registered after 24 months of age will be charged $20 per registration.  This includes multiple births.  (See #10 below in regard to embryos).

 - Transfer of the WHR listed female during the year of enrollment.

- Transfer of the calf (calves) to a new owner - females up to 24 months of age and males up to 30 months of age.  Transfers of progeny over the age restriction will be at the regular rates.

 - Report of birth, weaning and yearling weights at no charge.

 - CLRC transaction fees will be waived for business transactions in WHR herds.


7.  When a female is purchased from a herd on the traditional system by a herd participating in the WHR program, the WHR member must pay the current year annual WHR enrollment fee only to activate the female on his WHR herd inventory listing.  When a female is purchased from a herd participating in the WHR program, in which case the enrollment fee has already been paid on the female, they will be transferred and processed as other inventoried females already in the buyer herd.


8.  A reactivation fee of $65 applies only when cattle are declared on the WHR Program and dropped from the herd inventory and then reactivated on the WHR herd inventory.  This is the only time the reactivation fee applies.  The reactivation fee only applies to females, there is no reactivation fee for males.  Bulls can be added to and/or deleted from the WHR herd inventory without any penalty whatsoever.


Note:  Bulls can be inactivated and reactivated without payment of the reactivation fee, but with the payment of the $25 activation fee required.


9.  A dead donor female can be inactivated and reactivated without payment of the reactivation fee required for reinstatement.  This  would accommodate the implantation of frozen embryos and registration of the resulting offspring after the donor female is no longer in production (dead).  The owner of the female would be required to pay the annual enrollment fee only during the year the embryo transfer offspring was or were calved and eligible for registry.  Embryo/donor dams which are included on the active cow inventory will be entitled to process one calf (natural or ET).  The annual enrollment must be paid on each additional ET calf, unless the recipient dam is active on the current year inventory, in which case no additional fee is required.


10.  Each CSA member will receive a list of animals in their ownership.  Partnership owned animals will be listed under the membership name for the partnership.  Enrollment of leased animals will be charged to the lessee unless written instruction to the contrary are on file in the association's/registrar's office.  (Note: Participation in the WHR requires adherence to existing regulation in regard to registration of leases.)


11.  One of the following must be received for each cow on inventory:

 -A record of birth including date and sex of calf (may also include birth weight)

 -A disposal code on the cow (these will provided on the forms)

 -A reason code on the cow (example: open, ET program, moved to next calving season, etc.)


Note:  Any cow on inventory will be inactivated unless one of these three items is reported.


A reactivation fee of $65 will be paid to reinstate and activate a female in any year if she has been dropped from the previous year's inventory.


Note:  If the calf dies before weaning, the breeder only needs to provide the appropriate calf disposal code, plus whatever information was collected (sire information, calf sex, birth date, birth weight and birth management group.)



-  Bulls under assessment age kept for sale will not be assessed a charge, however, annual enrollment must be paid on bulls younger than 30 months of age on the inventory date before any progeny can be registered.

-  Bulls which have been used for natural service in two or more herds must be activated on at least one herd inventory.  Adherence to existing regulations is required in regard to bulls owned in partnership or calling for signature of the owner of the bull for registration of the calf.

-  AI Sires will not need to be enrolled, however semen transfers are still required.

-  Participation in the WHR requires adherence to existing regulations in regards to genotyping AI Sires and ET donor dams.

-  The owner of a dam at time of service on the traditional registry who sells the bred female to a breeder on the Whole Herd Registry is not required to enroll the service sire in order for the resulting offspring to be registered.


Undoubtedly, there will be details that are simply unforeseen situations that will need to worked out as the program proceeds.  There will be unusual situations that are not covered by regulations and these situations will need to be handled on a one-on-one basis and in some cases an immediate decision will be required.  This decision will be the responsibility of the Registrar.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to evaluate at the end of each year the Whole Herd Registry Program is in effect.




1. Breeder sends Calving Report and Registration Report to CLRC in Ottawa with birth weights

2. CLRC sends weaning/yearling worksheets back to the breeder with pre-printed tattoos and birth weights.

3. Breeder submits weaning weights to CLRC or CSA.  CLRC inputs weights into registry system and forwards to ASA.

4. Breeder submits yearling weights to CLRC or CSA.  CLRC inputs weights into registry system and forwards to ASA.

5. CLRC sends weights to ASA at the beginning of each month which are then up-loaded into the ASA Digital Beef registry.

6. Performance information is available on-line at  Reports may be printed or just viewed on-line.


- Decision to participate in WHR                                                                                    January 31, annually

  (cow list to be returned activating females and reporting breeding information)


- FIRST PAYMENT (50%) due on the Whole Herd Listing                                                  January 31, annually


- Calving information submitted by breeder Spring of the Year                                      At breeder's convenience


- Second Payment (50%) due on Whole Herd Listing                                                      June 1, annually


- Performance Information submitted by breeder Fall of the Year                                 At breeder's convenience


- Deadline for submission of performance                                                                     November 1, annually

  (for information to be included in year-end sire summary)